Simon Fraser University

Accessing the 4D LABS User Facilities

We are an open-access facility available to any academic and industrial user. We can train you to use our equipment or complete contract work when requested. The table below outlines the items and tasks that need to be completed to begin work with us. The documents linked below can be submitted directly to After we receive the documents, then further instructions will be provided for safety training if necessary.

SFU Academic Users Non-SFU Academic Users Industrial Users SFU Contract Work Non-SFU Contract Work Industrial Contract Work
New User Registration Form x x x x x x
SFU Personnel Agreement x x
Non-SFU Personnel Agreement x x x x
Corporate Agreement once by the company once by the company
Purchase Order x x
4D LABS Safety Quizzes x x x
4D LABS Safety Orientation x x x

Note: Students and researchers needing access to the 7000 level research labs only, and not the user facilities, need to register and complete the safety quizzes, but not the orientation. The orientation will be needed when they need to access the labs on the 6000 level.


Funding Sources

Several sources of funding are available for your research at 4D LABS. One option is through CMC Microsystems, which offers grants to cover 80% of your expenses in 4D LABS. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.