Simon Fraser University

Accessing the 4D LABS User Facilities

We are an open-access facility available to any academic and industrial user. We can train you to use our equipment or complete contract work when requested. To register as a new user in our facility, you must complete the New User Registration Form and an Agreement form. These documents are linked below and can be submitted directly to

After registration, further instructions will be given on arranging training with the tool owner.


Funding Sources

Several sources of funding are available for your research at 4D LABS. One option is through CMC Microsystems, which offers grants of up to $2,000 for facility fees. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


  1. Complete New User Registration Form
  2. Complete agreement(s) as described below


4D LABS is the result of approximately $65 million in funding and support from various agencies. It is extremely important that both 4D LABS and these funding agencies are acknowledged in any publications and presentations that come from work using our facilities. These acknowledgements help to demonstrate the value of 4D LABS to our funding partners and also help us as we endeavour to keep the equipment operational and expand our capabilities. When you publish or present, we suggest the following text for your acknowledgement section:

  • This work made use of the 4D LABS shared facilities supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF), Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD), and Simon Fraser University (SFU).

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