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Critical Point Dryer

The Critical Point Dryer is used to dry samples without the damaging effect of surface tension.  The basic operation of the CPD is as follows:

   1. Immerse sample in IPA in the chamber.

   2. Cool the chamber with liquid CO2.

   3. Fill chamber with liquid CO2.

   4. Continually replace IPA/CO2 mixture with pure liquid CO2.

   5. Heat the chamber past the critical point of CO2 (31 °C, 1072 psi).

   6. Vent the gaseous CO2.

   7. Remove the sample.

An entire process run takes ~1 hour and samples up to 4" wafers can be used in the tool.

Tool Status Up
Manufacturer Tousimis
Model Autosamdri-815B, Series B
Typical Application Drying MEMs samples
Location 6060.3
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