Simon Fraser University

SEM 4 - DB235

Description of Capabilities

  • Schottky thermal field emitter electron source
  • Ga Focused Ion Source and Magnum ion column (FIB)
  • X-ray detector (EDS) (EDAX, B detectable)
  • SEM Resolution 3.0 nm
  • FIB Resolution 7.0 nm
  • Organometallic Pt gas injection system
  • Fixed probe for electrical measurements
  • Backscattered Electron Detector  (in lens)
  • Capabilities available after training: SEM imaging with various signal collection modes, EDS line scanning and mapping, FIB nanofabrication, automatic TEM cross-sectioning
  • Capabilities available through collaboration: Electronic measurement with microprobe contact

Tool Status Down
Manufacturer FEI
Model Dualbeam 235
Typical Application Electron microscopy and focused ion beam milling
Location 6140.2
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