Simon Fraser University

STEM 2 - Tecnai

  • 200 keV Schottky thermal field emitter electron source
  • Gatan 4K x 4K CCD camera
  • Lorentz lens and bi-prism
  • Fischione 3000 HAADF detector
  • Gatan 2000 image filter and 1K x 1K CCD camera
  • EDAX Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
  • Point/lattice resolution 0.24/0.14 nm
  • Minimum spot size < 0.19 nm
  • Capabilities available after training: TEM BF/DF imaging, SAED / CBED, HRTEM imaging, EDS, line scanning and mapping, EELS and EFTEM, low accelerating voltage applications
  • Capabilities available through collaboration: Lorentz microscopy for magnetic samples, electron holography, low dose TEM imaging, cryo TEM imaging 

Tool Status Down
Manufacturer FEI
Model Tecnai G2
Location 6120.7
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