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Dicing Saw

The Loadpoint MicroAce Series 3 is an ultra-high – precision, high speed cutting and scribing machine.

- A wide range of materials can be cut including Silicon, Ferrite, Glass, Germanium and PZT up to 5 inch in diameter.
- Wafer size: 2" to 5"
- An air bearing work table with feed rate from 0.1 mm/sec upwards
- DC servo motor with X and Y slideways accurate to within 2 microns for flatness and straightness.
- Programmable Cutting speed from 3000 to 40000 rpm
- Ability to precise align the work piece and the cut

Tool Status Up
Manufacturer Loadpoint
Model MicroAce Series 3
Typical Application Dicing silicon, glass, and other materials
Location 6072
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