Simon Fraser University

STEM 1 - Osiris

X-FEG Schottky field emitter with high brightness, oil-free pumping system,

Analytical TWIN (A-TWIN) objective lens integrated with Super-X EDX detection system based on Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology,

Gatan Ultrascan1000XP-P 2k X 2k CCD camera, HAADF, DF2, DF4, and BF STEM detectors, Gatan Enfinium SE/976 EELS spectrometer

Fully digitized and "remote" operation to avoid vibration and temperature-variation induced by the operator,

Fast STEM/EDX mapping, TEM tomography and 3-D reconstruction, EELS, STEM/PEELS,

High probe currents: 0.49 nA with 0.31 nm probe and 1.51 nA with 1 nm probe at 200 kV,

Flexible high tension: Pre-aligned at 80, 120, and 200 kV,

TEM point-resolution/resolution-limit: 0.25 nm/ 0.14 nm, STEM resolution: 0.16 nm, EELS energy resolution: 0.9 V at optimal extractor voltage,

Beam drift: 0.89 nm/min, Specimen drift 0.42 nm/min



Tool Status Up
Manufacturer FEI
Model Osiris
Location 6120.6
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Lis Guimaraes de Azeredo Melo
Xin Zhang